Sunday, January 25, 2015

Models for those people with disability

    Everyone knows that those people with disability always feel there are lots of inconvenient things happened in their normal life. We try to help them in lots of ways, but I think a people without disability will never understand how hard or inconvenient of those people with disability's life will be. It is so amazing that I found that a group in Germany, they know those people with disability fell so hard to buy the fitting clothes. Those clothes in the shopping mall are worm by the normal models. For those people just like the picture above or Siamese twins, they have to custom made their own clothes. The most important thing is they will fill afraid to shopping, because they feel uncomfortable when other people are looking at them, even those people does not discriminate against him.

    That is the reason I feel so surprised that these people can think so much for those people with disability. They try to destroy the normal models and modify the shape and posture, to make those models looks very close to these people with disability. It takes a really long time to measure all the data form these people, because we know we cannot use the same measurement standards as usually. Therefor that group of people spend lots time to measure and build these models and try to make them perfectly.

    After they build these models and show to these people with disability, they also sent these models to the big public shopping mall and exhibit there. When I saw those "special" model are stood with other models that we usually saw in the glass showcase, I have a strong feeling that those people with disability are complete the same as others around us. We cannot discriminate against them and we have no rights to discriminate against them. Because we are all human, we are the same. Discriminating against those people with disability is the same as discriminate against one's himself. I can understand why this group try to work so hard to show others their ideas and principles. I also think that we need to accept this idea and we can help each other.

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  1. I agree. Especially in American society, but I imagine elsewhere around the world as well, social constructs revolving around beauty focus heavily on physical beauty. When we look to live models wearing clothes on a runway or even model figures in stores, we rarely see the disabled body depicted as something beautiful. Even the term "model" leaves the idea that this is something we admire and should strive for (a model for us). By leaving disabled bodies out of that image, society is failing to recognize the message that is being sent: that disabled bodies are not beautiful, are not important, or are not something that we should strive to have. In my opinion, this is an excellent example of ableism.