Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ableism and school

    I think it is necessary to add the ableism into our education. As we know, people with disability have lots of rights from the ADA. However lots of the people do not know too much about the ADA, they only know what ADA is used for, they do not understand what is exactly in the ADA. Those people may infringement of these right, but they do not even know. Government may ask students take the course about the ADA as a elective course. I think it is necessary to let everyone at least know something about the ADA.
    I think the government can ask the middle school or high school to add the ADA course. The earlier students can understand how ADA can help those people with disability, the easier they will remember and put into practice. Lots of people in college want to help those people with disability but they do not know how to do that, because they do not have the knowledge about the ADA. If  the government  can ask the high school student to learn about the ableism and the ADA, student will understand what is good for the people with disability and what is not able to do. However I think lots of time people do not give the people with disability the advantage is a unmeant thing. They do not really want to hurt the people with disability, they just do not realize that they trouble to others. I remember I walk into to the Life Science building one day, and there is a salt bucket used to melt the snow beside the door. There is a button above the bucket which is use to open the door for the people with disability. Because the bucket, people with disability or using the wheelchair is not able to touch the button, so how can they get into the building. I cannot say the staff who is using the salt want to stop those people with disability get into the building, I think he just does not realize that he do something wrong and give somebody in trouble. Therefore, I think learning ADA in school is one important way, and raising awareness about this thing is another very important way to help with those people with disability.

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