Sunday, March 29, 2015

The education and disability rights. Orange ability.

I believe that teaching people about assuring equal rights for disability people, and making people know more about disabilities’ history as public history is really an urgent task in nowadays education system. We have ADA, however, it is not really working well and widely noticed in public. Most necessary reason might be that people don’t spontaneously pay attention on it. Changing is a different thing, and it becomes harder when it comes from human nature. Therefore, education can be an efficient way to change people's attitude and awareness about the disabilities’ identity and rights. Education will be a good way to lead the process to a correct direction, it also helps to decrease the potential ableism in working, living and other areas. 

How to use the proper language to communicate with people with disability is a serious issue for education. It involves the psychological problems. Wrong words is a hard knife to hurt people so much. How to foster people to respect people with disability is not only a task for social environment, but also for the education. 

I have heard a story about a young girl who needs to use wheelchair. “ I hope society can make the life of the people with disability much easier. I know what a difficult life looks like, I was in a orphanage until ten years old, because of my disability, I cannot go to school.” But actually, education changes her a lot. “ My disability only is the very small part of my life, I want be a diplomatist, I want to travel around world, I want to experience various things and see the whole world. I don’t need people’s pity, because I don’t think it is a pity, also I don’t want to ‘courage’ others, ‘courage’ might be the most familiar word for people with disability, from you guys’ perspective it might be a pretty positive word, however, as for me, this word makes me feeling you are looking me from a high position. I am not living in a perfect life as a people with disability, I already have a perfect life, that’s it! This morning, I received the admission from London School Of Economics, please wait me for a second, I want to touch up my lip stick before I take a picture."

About the orange ability event on this Saturday, I saw some facilities for people with disability to play sports, people without disability there are willing to join the group to experiete the facilities and play game with everyone. That is a wonderful event for me, I have chance to see people’s feeling and how it works, that is really valuable experience for me, not only as a design student. So much positive design in this event. That’s amazing and happy to see people’s big smile faces.​

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