Sunday, March 22, 2015

Discussion after the class

    We talked about the unreasonable of the commodity price in class. We believe it is unreasonable is because we know really understand why the price of the product is so high and we think it is just a very simple product. I try to understand this problem by different ways and find out the reason. As a consumer, we usually compare one product with other similar products and believe their price also should be similar. If one of their prices is too high we will think it is unreasonable, if one of the prices is lower than others', then we think it is a substantial product.

    However I try to think why the manufacturer make their simple product such a high price, they should know that if the price is too high, the consumers will buy other similar products and this will help their competitors. I believe one of the reason is the cost, we all know the most important thing to reduce the price is reduce the cost of the product. Consumers usually think about how much will cost to produce this product and compare the price of the product and the price of the materials. However, I realize that as a consumer, we need to add the additional cost of the product which is the cost for those people to design, to advertise and to maintain. Manufacturers will not lose the money form these places, so they will try to increase the unit price of the products and make money. Sometimes a very simple thing include some pretty subtle designs, that also makes the price higher than others'. Of course, as a design we need to consider about the consumers, not just the products, we should use the simple and effective way to help our clients.

    When we are discuss about the commit suicide, we try to analyze it in legislation and morality. In my country, the law does not say the commit suicide is illegal, but I know some countries in Europe do.  When we talk about one person takes his own life, I think there is some deviation of his personal and cultural value. Because the "one child police" in my country, the commit suicide is a very irresponsible action for their parents. Those elders will lost their only child because the commit suicide. What if they become very old and they cannot do anything by themselves. So in moral practice, commit suicide is a very wicked behavior.

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