Sunday, April 5, 2015

Since I joined the orange ability even, we found several issues of those sport tools, and I think this activity is a pretty nice opportunity to make designers obtain inspirations. As a design student, I tried to find out those problems, so that we might have a chance to improve it. Here are some examples for those issues which we realized based on our personal user experience and the info from our orange volunteer interviewees.

The bicycle for people with disability is a pretty cool design, it is really easy to use when people only go straight, and it’s saving power. However, when people want to turn around, issues will come out. The front wheel will conflict with the knee joint, and it also becomes hard to use. Another issue we need to think about is how to find a way to develop a bicycle that can go backward, because we have such experience when we sit in this bicycle and went to a conner, if there is no one helping us, we won’t know how to go back to the main road.

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