Saturday, April 11, 2015

Thoughts after April.09's class

First, I am so surprised about why there are so many people want to commit suicide during April and May, and I am also shocked because of the reason that people need to pay the fee after they are saved. I heard a news about a women committed suicide because of her finical problem, and her neighbors took her to a hospital which her insurance cannot cover the cure fee, and then, this hospital saved her life, however, at same time, the high medical fare makes her life miserable. I do not really know too much about America’s policy, but sometimes, it seems so cruel, actually.

John Hockenberry’s situation is so familiar in my country, this is also a common issue in nowadays society. Their is a research in my country, researchers pick up 200 people on the street to ask the questions about people with disability, 63% people didn’t see the people with disability during this week on the street, downtown and 10% of people didn’t see the people with disability half month, others thought they already have half year without seeing any people with disability on the street.

About the reason why people are not always seeing people with disability, some people thought they might not like going outside, but, most of them thought the situation is caused by the fact that public environment and transportation are not accessible enough. In our country, few bus and taxi is accessible for the people with disability, and the guide dogs are not allowed to be taken to the bus. The train and metro are also not convenient at all, the ticket entrance is too narrow, there is no chance that wheelchair user can get through it. Taxi doesn’t like to take the people who use wheelchair because they are afraid to get tickets when they have to stop for a long time to help wheelchair user. Even there is just a small foot step, it could be a wall for people with disability.

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