Sunday, February 1, 2015

Defend the rights of persons with disabilities and new ideas about wheel chair

    I know that person with disabilities lost a lot of rights in this society, so if anyone try to cut down more rights from them, they have to defend and protect those rights. When I saw those people staged an overnight sit-in in that building, I feel those people is so strong but also fragile. They are strong, because they know they have to fight, even they are sitting on the wheel chair, they need to use their actions to show the world their are not cowardly people, no one can optional bully them. They try to defend their legal rights by demonstration and sit-down protest. However, we know that this kind of actions will cause a huge body burden, sometimes even a average person cannot finish the whole demonstration, how can a person with disabilities do that. I can image how suffering it is. That is why I think they are fragile. During the demonstration, they know they are going to face much more suffering than usually, they cannot go to the bathroom as usually; maybe there is no drinking water foe them; maybe there is no bed or no place for them to sleep. Because they are the people with disabilities, they need more service in their lives, now they are facing such a difficult environment, and they still want to move forward. Therefor I think even their body is weakness, their heart is so strong.

    One of the most important accessories for the person with disabilities is the wheel chair. A good wheelchair will effective help those people in their normal lives. I found that the traditional wheelchairs are almost all very cumbersome wheelchairs. It is not easy to use and people will be tired after using for a short time. New type of wheelchairs are automatic control by the system in the wheelchairs. These type of wheelchair needs electric power supply, but it is very easy to use and more convenient. I know that those people need wheelchair always feel inconvenience when they are facing a slope. If it is a steep slope, I mean it is greater than 15 degree, those people will feel hard to climb. However we know those kind of slopes are everywhere, therefor new type of wheelchair is much more useful than the traditional one. One more detail is the wheel of the wheelchair. When the wheelchair is moving, the wheel is rolling all the time, it is dangerous to put you hand so close to the wheel. Therefore, it is better to build the solid or completely hollow wheel for the wheel chair. There is a very good supporting point for the wheelchair to keep the balance of the wheelchair, and people don't need to roll the wheel by themselves.
    I am thinking if we can build the wheelchair much closer to a mini car that people can use it everywhere. Than the wheelchair will not just for those person with disabilities, it is for all the people to have a convenient tool to travel around.

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