Sunday, February 22, 2015

Physician-assisted Suicide

    I have heard about the physician-assisted suicide for a long time and I have think about why people want to do this, not just for those people with disability, also for everyone because everyone will face the death in the future and no one can change this. As I think physician-assisted suicide is not such a bad thing. I have heard about the suffering of people when they are going to died. So, I think if the people is sober and they agree for the physician-assisted suicide,the doctor can ask them to sign a document for the physician-assisted suicide. If those people agree, then the doctor can help them for the physician-assisted.

    Therefore I can understand why those people with disability will think about the  physician-assisted suicide. We all know this is very painful for those people with disability. Some of them may be a little bit easier than other, but all of them hope they can do everything just like others without those inconvenience. Some of them are suffering such a huge anguish that we will never image. As I think, for those people with disability and feel so painful of their lives, death may be liberation. However, we have to make sure they want to do physician-assisted suicide, because for those people they may be dizzy all the day, it is very hard to confirm if they understand their situation. I believe that the doctor can only do the physician-assisted suicide when those people ask so and sign the agreement, or I think it will be the murder. 
    Also I think in this modern time, not so many people want to do the physician-assisted suicide. Because the technology develop very fast, we will never know what will happen tomorrow, lots of the people with disability can be helped by those technologies. We have a lot of devices to help them have a easier life, as the time pass, we may believe the technology can help those people with disability just enjoy their lives like others around them. Therefore they have to wait, they do not need to end their lives so fast. That may be the best wishes of us.

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