Sunday, February 8, 2015

Learning of rhetorical

    We discussed about the Franklin Delano Roosevelt in class, and we talked about his election process. Roosevelt understand that he had rhetorical problem, he try to think he is the normal person just like others. He wants to tell those people that he can do his job very well, nothing will obstruct him. He make the decisions for his people and try to help them to pass the "unhappy time". I was thinking how can we help those people with disabilities  to pass their "unhappy time" in the modern time, or we can make it become "happy time". 

    It is really important for us to learn their experience and feeling from those person with disabilities. As I think, I will never understand how hard to move out and go shopping for those people need to sit on their wheelchair all the time. However we can learn from them and think better way for them to make their lives easier and more comfortable. There are a lot of people very close to Roosevelt and they try to help him in every way of his life. Rhetorical is one of the most important thing that Roosevelt need to think about. He has to think about what will do his best rhetorically to mobilize the nation or for other situation. We also need to think about what will do our best rhetorically to design our products for those people with disabilities. Thinking in their ways is useful and what else we can do? I believe we need to learn a lot of things from them and from others who is doing these jobs now. We can keep improving our design and products if people can keep giving out feedback. However, thinking about those difficult which our client do not even think about that will also be important part of the design. I think Roosevelt teaches me lot from his story, and I know it will help me to make great design in the future.

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