Sunday, February 15, 2015

Million Dollar Baby

      This movie is so interesting but also makes me think a lot about the people with disabilities. I do not want to describe a lot of details for the movie, but I want to talk my opinion and what I learned from this movie.
      First of all, it is a great movie, everyone like Maggie, she is the million dollar baby. Nobody can parry her fist, she is a really brave fighter and never give up her dream. Also she is a good daughter and apprentice, a very helpful friend. However, what I see it is just a wounded girl. At the beginning, I did not notice that there is not even a drop of tear shows in the first part of the movie. Maggie is just like the speed bag, she is beat repeatedly and jump back repeatedly, seems this is what she should be. Frankie told her:" Never cry in front of me." and Maggie said"Yes, boss". Yes  she make it. As a boxer, pain is just a symbolic feeling, no matter it is from the opponent or the acerbity in the life. Maggie feels so great when she stand on the boxing ring, because at that moment she is not just a waitress in the small restaurant. She is a great fighter, until that last hit...

      I do not think Maggie is fail, she is just bruise. However, this time only death can make her recovery. She lie on the bed, with the air tube, and nothing on her legs, I mean the place should have legs. "I hear you, boss." When Frankie show Maggie, he is painful, but I know Maggie feels more painful than him. Maggie try to bit her tongue to disentangle, I cannot image how pain it will be, but there is no tear, no even one drop.

    At last Frankie help Maggie end her life, and translate the mysterious sentence to her "Mocuishle means, my darling, my blood." For such a strong and fragile girl, what can we do, or what should we do? I will try my best to find the best answer for her, and for everyone just like her.

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