Saturday, February 7, 2015

Importance of disability rhetorical on design field.

From a designer’s perspective, we want to design some nice products for people with disabilities to improve their life experience and make their daily life more comfortable and convenient. However even we try to stand at disabilities’ position to organize what they need, the fact is we cannot totally understand what they are feeling and it always leads us to some misunderstandings or confusions. Designers made a new product which they think will give their clients a good user experience and expected the clients will enjoy using it. Unfortunately, sometime designers didn’t get the main point about how product can be useful for them. In this kind of situation, effective communication is a really efficient way to figure out solutions for those problems. But we all have same trouble on how to choose the proper words to talk with people with disabilities which can make they feel comfortable without being rude. Rhetorical is pretty necessary when we have a conversation. It could help us to have a cheerful conversation and obtain more useful experience from our clients. Therefore, learning rhetorical is a constructive plan for designers.

As a president, Roosevelt advocates to use the disability rhetorical in order to create a positive image in America. Disability rhetorical brought a confident, aspiring president to the whole nation while at a dark age of war. It also earned the support from voters which helped Franklin Roosevelt to compete with other candidates. Keeping a positive image can be very helpful for creating a more comfortable life for people with disabilities. Generalizing rhetorical can help public to focus on the ableism problems of people with disability, and help people with disabilities to win their deserve equal rights nowadays. As a designer, when we are introducing our design plan and products, we also need to pay attention to the right expression which we supposed to use during the introduction and statement. For example, the words such as person who is visually impaired instead of the blind, even just change a little bit that the things will be totally different, but we still have a long way to go on that, we need every individual in society to collaboratively advocate disability rhetorical.

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